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Five Great Things You Can Do with Chronicle

Never miss a bill payment. No more late fees.1. Never worry about missing a payment.

You don't need to wonder if you've paid the bills this month or not—Chronicle remembers for you. Late payment fees can cost $30 or more. Why risk it? Chronicle never forgets! It keeps track of all your bills, and reminds you when each one is due using iCal—even when neither program is running.

Set goals to get out of debt.2. Set goals to reduce or eliminate debt.

Paying off debt can be a daunting task. Let Chronicle help. It assists you in setting goals and tracks your progress as you pay your bills. Seeing your progress is a great motivator!

Keep track of bill payment history.3. Keep your payments and receipts organized.

Chronicle remembers your payment history for each bill, and even organizes scanned or downloaded receipts by date, so you can quickly find and view them for reference or proof of payment.

Keep track of bill payment statistics. How much did you pay for each bill?4. See spending history and trends with stats.

Chronicle analyzes your payments by month and year and displays the information for you grapically. Plus, it averages your payments so you can better budget for bills that fluctuate, like utilities or credit cards.

See all bills due at a glance. 5. Quickly view all your bills and pay online.

The sortable overview screen shows, at a glance, when each bill is due. Colorful icons alert you when a bill is overdue, due soon, or due in the future. With a couple clicks, you can log payments or make payments online.

Watch a Video Walkthrough and Review of Chronicle

Video review and walkthrough by Chronicle user Jeremy Lester. Visit his YouTube channel here.

What's New in Chronicle?

Want to keep track of the updates to Chronicle? View the Chronicle Update Feed. You can also subscribe to this feed using your favorite RSS reader.

Chronicle + Chronicle Mini

Chronicle works perfectly with Chronicle Mini. When you log a payment with Chronicle Mini, the bill will be updated in Chronicle, and vice-versa. Chronicle Mini shows you the most recent bills in the menu, while Chronicle shows you all your bills. Chronicle also supports adding a lot more detail to bills, including notes and goals. But bills you add or edit in Chronicle will still automatically appear in Chronicle mini.

NOTE: Chronicle Mini is only compatible with the Mac App Store version of Chronicle


Five Stars

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Mac360: "Chronicle's approach is straightforward ... [It] does 5 things very well. Collectively, they add some stress reduction to your financial life..." Full Review

The Easy Mac: "...a great simple app to keep track of your monthly bills and to give you a visual on how you are doing with your bills or credit card payments." Full Review

MacStories: "I found the app that works for me. It's simple yet powerful, with all the features that I need and a very good interface. It's called Chronicle 3." Full Review

IT Reviews: "Highly effective ... Slick, attractive bill reminder software for the Mac. ... it'll pay for itself the first time you don't miss a credit card payment." Full Review

Awards: Chronicle was awarded the Recommended award from IT Reviews. Apple also selected it as a Staff Pick for finance software.

Alerts on Your iPhone!

Get bill pay alerts on your iPhone.Reminders are automatically added to iCal, so they appear on your iPhone automatically when you sync. With MobileMe, bill reminders can be pushed to your iPhone (or iPod Touch) instantly. Click here to learn more about MobileMe sync.

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